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The convergence of IT and CCTV technology has seen Techworks find itself as a CCTV service provider especially for IP based services. From architecture design, system sizing, vision tests our full suite of services allows you to take a break while we build and implement your CCTV requirements.

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Case Study

Cyberia Smart Homes

Scope of workTechworks won the tender to design , deploy and setup the largest condominium CCTV deployment in Malaysia of 370 IP cameras on a fibre optic core network with POE enabled cameras . The scope of work covered outdoor and indoor camera deployment. The mandate from the client was to establish a 100% camera covered complex covering the living and parameters with number plate and facial capturing capabilities in required zones.
Current StatusToday Techworks still manages the deployed network ensuring high uptime and continuous improvement exercises to reduce crime and increase security efficiency in the condominium complex.

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